Legal notice


1. Identification and contact of the owner of the website.

[legalplus_WEB_DOMAIN] (in later web) is propert[legalplus_TITULAR]y of (in later holder) residi[legalplus_COMPLETE_ADDRESS]ng in Spain, wi[legalplus_IDENT_CODE]th tax [legalplus_TELEPHONE]phone and email[legalplus_EMAIL].

Other data of the owner:

Registration in commercial register data: [legalplus_REGISTER]

Codes of conduct adhered: [legalplus_CONDUCT_CODE]

Authorization administrative Special: [legalplus_LICENCE]

Data licensing: [legalplus_COLEGE]

2. Scope of application

The web site of the owner implies assume the status of user and the absolute acceptance of the statement made in this Legal notice.

3. Age.

The registration on our website is intended for eighteen (18) years or older. If the registration of a person under 18 years is detected, the account will be automatically deleted.

4. Intellectual or industrial property.

The content of the Web, for example texts, images, graphics or code source, are protected by rights of property intellectual e industrial.

Such content does not may be, for example, reproduced or processed without the permission prior and explicit of the holder. Users can access the content and carry out authorized private copies provided that the reproduced elements are not subsequently ceded to third parties, are installed on network servers, nor are the subject of any form of exploitation.

5. Common rules for use of the website.

The user undertakes to make use of the website according to the following rules:

  • It will not publish commercial communications through the web site.
  • Not collect content or information of other users.
  • Not be charged virus or code malicious of any type.
  • Not request information from home of session or will enter to a has belonging to another user.
  • It won't bother, intimidate, or harass any user.
  • Not take place acts unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory in the web site, according to these conditions and to the ordering
    legal Spanish.
  • Not will do nothing that can put in danger the security of his has, especially concerning his password. In fact, it shall communicate any incidence related to your password, account, breach of the confidentiality of your data, hazard or threat detected in the security of your data.

He holder may delete any content or suspend the service if according to its own criteria, in breach of any of them standards and obligations described in this notice Legal.

For any queries or clarification about these standards community in particular or these conditions in particular, can contact us via email.

6. Links and limitation of liability.

The establishment of a hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of a relationship between the owner and the owner of the web site in which it is established, nor the acceptance or approval by the owner of the contents or services. Those people that are intend to establish a hyperlink previously must request authorization by written to the holder. In all case, the hyperlink only will allow the access to the page of home of our web site, also must refrain is of perform manifestations or indications false, inaccurate or incorrect on the holder, or include contained illicit, contrary to the good customs and to the order public.

The owner is not responsible for the use that each user gives you the materials made available on this web site nor of actions made on the basis of the same. The content of the Web is of character general and purely informative.

He holder not assume responsibility by the content or operation of websites of third to which the user of the store can access through any type of link.

Holder declines any liability, to allow the legal order, for the damages arising from the presence of virus, the actions of third parties who violate property rights, honour, privacy or illegal advertising.

If a user or third party considers on the Web it is committing some illicit any type you must send a communication to the owner to the email address that appears in our identification data. Must identify is properly specifying them made that complaint.

7. Privacy.

If in the Web is seek data personal, the holder will be responsible of them themselves and them treated with absolute confidentiality and security. You can find more information about our privacy and cookie policy on the specific page of information on this issue.

8. Applicable law, controversial issues and competent forum solution

The use of the website shall be governed by Spanish law. Any controversy that arises or save relationship with the use of the Web, will be subject to the jurisdiction not exclusive of them tried and courts of the municipality where lies the address social of the holder, unless the normative in force or the code of conduct set Forum different.